Student Resources

Apps that you will need

Music Tutor (app)

Music Tutor is perfect for learning the music notes (sight reading).

It only takes a few minutes each day to learn the notes.

Download free for Apple or Android

Aural Wiz (app)

Aural Wiz is great for learning to recognise intervals by ear (ear training)

You will need this from Senior Level 2 and Junior Level 2 onwards.

Download free for Apple or Android

Guitar Pro 8 (PC/Mac software)

Guitar Pro is available as a reader for IOS and Android phones and tablets, and also available as a software program for Windows and Mac, which you can use to write and edit your own guitar TABS as well as learn from thousands of free GuitarPro files on

This software is highly recommended, and since G4 GUITAR School Traralgon has an education license, we can offer all students a 50% Discount on Guitar Pro 8 for Mac or PC.

If you would like the discount contact me or ask me in your next lesson. 

Guitar Toolkit (app)

Guitar Toolkit is a must-have app for guitarists, and includes:

  • A Guitar tuner
  • Metronome & Drum Machine
  • Chord Library
  • Chord Finder tool
  • Scales and Arpeggios

Guitar Toolkit isn't free, but for a few dollars it is well worth the investment (currently $2.99). 

This one is only available for Apple.

Guitar Toolbox (app)

Similar to Guitar Toolkit but available on Android.

Shazam (app)

Shazam is for detecting songs when you hear them. Shazam will listen to a song and tell you the name and artist. Even better, you can connect Shazam to your Spotify or Apple Music, and then it will automatically add every song you shazam to a playlist, so you can easily find them later. Perfect for discovering new music on the go.

Download free for Apple or Android.

Links to handy things...

Want to learn a song? This is your number one place to find lyrics, chord charts and guitar TAB.

Free drum beats on YouTube